DJ Luther Taylor

Hearing and collecting music of ALL directions for decades - having started with Motown/ Memphis/ Chicago/ Philly/ Funk SOUL/"Black" Music, also collecting Classical, Pop, Jazz, "World" Music a.m.o., starting as a DJ in "Class of 1995", the first mighty phase of (Deep) HOUSE...
...  then, after having dived into many other items, taking up Mixing again only recently, still emphasizing on DEEP House, but always trying to include further kinds of music from Ambient to Zouk. 

I currently offer Live or pre-fabricated Mixes (see below for more information) with Allen&Heath or Native Instruments equipment.

You will find examples of my Live and Ready Mixes on my Soundcloud profile and also this website here offers some of my previous Mixes (since about 2005) - also available here for Download purchase, and more to come !!!


PORTFOLIO for DJ mixes - -

Before booking a Live or Ready Mix, it is always important for the host to give sufficient thoughts on the composition of the audience, guests and friends, and communicate this in advance, so the DJ can orientate along the course of the event and the guests accordingly. 
As far as possible, it can make sense to open up different rooms - e.g. one room for those who are ready and excited to dance in the live mix, another room for (pre-produced) quieter music, or other settings.
The DJ is fundamentally independent and plays “his” own music, can and should hardly react to “calls” and special requests, and only to a very limited extent, if at all. 

Either it “fits” – or it doesn’t. 
DJs are often or should be hired because they represent certain music that “just fits” and is desired by the host for himself or his guests. 

The fact that it (doesn't) fit can, must and should be clarified and guaranteed through prior, timely agreement that the DJ can already foresee and decide to what extent he can correspond to what is suitable. 

In this way and while adhering to these guidelines, it has almost never happened to me that the music played did not suit the audience/guests. 

It is best and recommended that the host holds a high quality HiFi equipment; should there be no adequate music system on site, I can bring my own equipment (Allen&Heath mixer, sound system including subwoofer, two speakers, cabling, if necessary micro, laptops), which costs but are up to the host to bear. 

I then would need someone to transport it - and sufficient “juice” (= well-protected electricity, sockets). 


- Ready Mixes: pre-produced by arrangement, music genres - fast - danceable - hard - - or deep/soft/warm ... or ... etc.), for playing as a file (mp3), on sound carrier (CD) or similar - as a comparably inexpensive, reliable, usually problem-free alternative to live sets. -- 
- Classic LIVE Mixes: House/ Dance/ Electronic/ Funk, R&B etc., from mid-tempo to high pitch-- 

- Variety Mixes: by prior arrangement, according to the audience/guests, in the same genre or changeable, variable, adapted... e.g. with a quiet beginning (Downbeat, Slowbeat), then a danceable phase, then ChillOut/Downtempo/LoFi etc. ---

- Specialty Mixes: e.g. with mixed genres, rare grooves, jazz, classical - with or without focal points--- -- 

– - Different Mixes: e.g. a dance live mix and one or two ready mixes with alternative styles, or vice versa... etc. 

All this and more by arrangement!